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BHP Billiton Energy/Mining Approximately $1m in engineering cost savings; engineering works fully complete 3 weeks early
LeTourneau Technologies, Inc. Manufacturing 22% improvement in labour productivity.
ABB AG, Power Technologies Division Engineering Consultancy, Energy/Mining 30% capacity dividend
DaimlerChrysler Manufacturing 20% reduction in project cycle time
Alcatel-Lucent Technologies Telecommunications >=90% on time delivery with 10-25% reduced lead times
Valley Cabinet Works Manufacturing Revenue increased 88%, profits increased 300%
ThyssenKrupp (Johann A. Krause, Inc.) Manufacturing 15% additional projects completed, 50% improvement in on time delivery, 63% productivity improvement
Medtronic Life Sciences On time delivery increased to 90% with 50% reduction in cycle time
Oregon Freeze Dry FMCG and Business Services 30% additional projects completed
Skye Group Manufacturing and Retail/Wholesale 100% on time delivery, 30% reduction in lead times
Northern Digital Inc. (NDI) Manufacturing Far greater operational efficiency; visbility; communication
Alna Software IT Contribution margin up 14%, lead times down 25%; 17% more projects; 90% on time delivery
Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex Manufacturing 48% additional products released in year 2 with no additional resource.
Airgo Networks Telecommunications New product development cycle time reduced by 50%
Eircom Telecommunications 30% improvement in on time delivery. 50%+ improvement in cycle time
LSI Logic IT 11% improvement in on time delivery, 100% on time delivery of major tools
TATA Steel Manufacturing $13.5m saved with 50% reduction in cycle times
HP Digital Camera Group Manufacturing 100% on time delivery, Product launches increased by 60%
CNAT (Central Nuclear Almaraz Trillo) Engineering Consultancy and Energy 25% more projects completed per month
Action Park Multiforma Grupo Construction 20% more projects completed
Marketing Architects Media/Advertising 30% additional projects completed
Rapid Solutions Group Media/Advertising On time delivery up by 30%, lead time reduced by 25%
Celsa Group IT Project completions increased by 30%
TECNOBIT Defense Project cycle times reduced by 20%.
Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems Defense 80% productivity increase
US Air Force, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, B-1 Bomber Line Defense Cycle time reduced by 30%, 33% productivity increase
US Air Force, Ogden Air Logistics Center, C130 Production Line Defense 90% on time or early delivery of aircraft to service; 25% more operational capacity
US Airforce, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, C5 Production Line Defense 33% reduction in cycle time; 75% reduction in defects
US Airforce, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, C17 Production Line Defense 25% increase in throughput, 40% overtime reduction, 33% cycle time reduction
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US Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow CA Defense an average of 56% reduction in repair cycle times
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US Naval Aviation Depot, Cherry Point Defense 26% reduction in cycle time, 50% increase in deliveries per year
US Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbour Defense $9m saved in 1st year, 50% reduction in overtime, 30% increase in on time delivery, costs down 33%
US Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center Defense 30% reduction in cycle times, 30% improvement in resource efficiency; 88% on time delivery
Delta Air Lines Inc. Aero 20% increase in project completions per month. 26% reduction in cycle times
Erikson Air-Crane Aero 50% improvement in on-time delivery

Click here to receive a free set of the complete Critical Chain results presentations on DVD
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