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  TOCCA is proud to have alliances with the following organisations:

Realization Technologies

Realization Technologies is the leader in multi-project management software based on Critical Chain. Its software is used to run projects in a wide range of institutions like DaimlerChrysler, FMC Technologies, LSI Logic, Medtronic, Pfizer, The US Navy and The US Air Force


The Institute of Human Excellence

The Institute of Human Excellence serves organisations who wish to develop their people to the highest levels of performance at work, to have greater fulfilment in their personal lives and to make a contribution to the wider community. It brings together the best minds in collaboration to provide a full spectrum of development interventions in leadership, cultural transformation and organisational performance. It aspires to cultivate excellence in people and organisations.


Charter Mason

Charter Mason is an organisational performance consulting company which works with its clients to align resources as a means of unlocking value. Charter Mason's services focus on strategy execution: managing complex change in 1)  the way clients engage their human capital to run business processes and 2) the enterprise systems that support them.


Goldratt’s Marketing Group

Dr. Eli Goldratt, the Creator of Theory of Constraints, provides the latest news, methodologies and applications in TOC.


Delta Institute Switzerland

The Delta Institute Switzerland offers system focused consulting services for top sales management including the implementation of DELTA T-Selling, training and certification of Sales Methods Experts and Top Sales Management Training. For general management, the Delta Institute designs and implements operational plans with a special focus for preparing for the dollar crash. They also specialize in Consultants Training and certification in DELTA T-Selling for sales consultants.


Delta Institute Switzerland - Applying Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints in Sales Management

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