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  Delta T-Selling


Delta T-Selling is about selling to companies as opposed to consumers - and specifically business companies as opposed to retail.

Delta T-Selling works in any sized company in which there is a sales manager with people reporting to them.

Defined as Sales System Management, Delta T-Selling defines a Sales System as anything and anyone that influences how much a company sells.

 Administration – books orders

Finance – sets budget

Product Manager  designs product
Also includes the Client
  > An INCREASE in your client's Throughput = an INCREASE in your Throughput

 Take the example provided by Dietrich Legat - the concept's founder: Imagine you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Are great driving skills going to help you? No! There is a block further up the road – a constraint. The same applies in sales.

 If there is a constraint in your sales system, brilliant sales process skills are useless. While sales representatives should be trained in the sales process this should not be the focus of a sales improvement initiative. Top management must take control: constraints are rarely in the sales funnel as is generally assumed.

The key to unblocking the power of your sales force is to find the constraint in your sales system. Often companies are not looking at their constraints; they’re looking at their budgets. Most companies are constrained by policy – their sales opportunities are constrained by ingrained organisational rules and procedures.

In Delta T-Selling an opportunity is ‘where you can help the customer resolve a constraint’. Opportunities are not found or recognized, they must be created. To achieve this, one must study the customer’s constraint situation then DESIGN the opportunity.

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