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  Irrefusable Offer  

The “irrefusable offer” is the product of extensive research into the problems of the consumer – problems which are not yet being addressed by the competition. Often, research into consumer problems involves direct questioning of the customer. The TOC approach, however, involves more in depth research. Most customers will not know what their problems are;  they may note undesirable effects, but will not touch on the core problem.

To create an “irrefusable offer” one MUST access senior customer management and discuss the business. TOC Thinking Processes are then put into use to ascertain the core problem and how it may be alleviated. The result is almost always a policy change within the organisation – a change of such magnitude that the competition can not easily follow suit. The “irrefusable offer” is designed to provide 2-5yrs competitive advantage.

How to Formulate the Irrefusable Offer:

  1. Research and document complaints that the markets have with the whole industry

  2. Analyse the complaints, tying them to common practice/policy in the industry

  3. Determine how standard practice can be changed to make a noticeable difference in the market

  4. Test the proposed changes within your organisation

  5. Pilot the change by visiting potential customers.

  6. Train the sales for in how to sell the “irrefusable offer"

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