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TOCCA has two methods for broaching Sales Management Sales and Buy-in, which focuses on Sales Process Management, and Delta T-Selling, which focuses on Sales System Management.

The TOC sales consulting matrix looks something like this:

Sales Process Management is aimed at sales professionals and middle management.           

Sales System Management is aimed at top management and focuses on how the whole sales system must be led.                       

Standard sales consulting is in sales process management and  focuses on how to manage a sales funnel, close a deal etc. TOCCA goes beyond this standard approach. The TOC sales process facilitates Sales and Buy-in once an opportunity has been presented, and Delta T-Selling provides the necessary sales system approach to ensure the continuous flow of sales opportunities in your organisation.

Delta T Selling was formulated by William Woehr and Dietrich Legat as a whole system approach for leading a key account sales organisation. It is the only sales consulting program in the world which directly focuses on sales system management.

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