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  Sales and Buy-in


Eliyahu Goldratt draws a connection between overcoming the 6 layers of resistance and selling or achieving buy-in. This has become known as the TOC sales process.

The 6 vital conditions for securing buy-in are:

Agree on the problem

Agree on the direction of the solution

Agree that the suggestion solves the problem

Agree that the solution will not lead to any significant negative effects

Agree on the way to overcome any obstacles that might block or distort the implementation of the solution

Address any unverbalized fear

 Goldratt points out that a win-win solution doesnít sell itself. To ensure that the above 6 conditions are met, use of the TOC Thinking Process Tools is required.

The TOC Sales Process is thus divided into 4 steps:

Build rapport

> Present a Current Reality Tree of the market

Set the stage

  > Direct attention to the logical connection between customerís policies and insufficient sales

Bring the buyer to want your product

  > Present Future Reality Tree of the Irrefusable Offer
Close the deal


> Present a written list of probable obstacles the buyer is facing in signing the agreement


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