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  The Critical Chain Solution


The goal of all projects is to complete on schedule, to budget and to scope.

Traditional project management identifies the longest chain of dependent events, from the beginning to the end of a project. This chain, known as the critical path, looks at task dependencies only, and does not take into account resource contention – the fact that a resource may be needed in two or more places at any one time.

TOCCA’s approach takes the resourcing requirements explicitly into account and produces the Critical Chain. A technique known as buffer management is then used to deal with uncertainty, random variations and the human behavioural aspects that make up the reality of project management.

Critical Chain is applicable in both the single project environment (Critical Chain Single Project) and in the multiple or matrix-project environment (Critical Chain Multi-Project Management)

The results are staggering – projects are brought in much faster, more reliably, with greater visibility of project progress, and less stress for all involved.


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