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  Multi-Project Environment


TOCCA’s Multi-Project Management approach can release between 30% and 50% additional capacity in an organisation, without any significant increase in overheads.

While the use of Critical Chain Single Project management (CCSP) can provide extraordinary gains in the execution of individual projects, most organisations have numerous projects running at the same time – be they product development, business improvement, marketing, capital investment or any number of others – and these projects share resources from the same pool!

More often than not, the reporting structure of the resources is in some sort of matrix, based on functional responsibility, geographic representation, product accountability or some combination of these. This matrix structure invariably results in conflict between project managers and resource managers over the allocation of individuals and resources as, without a global view of the entire organisation’s project portfolio, people will optimise their own area of accountability.

The Critical Chain Multi-Project Management approach used by TOCCA has the following elements at its core:

Acceleration in lead-time gained through the use of the Critical Chain Single Project method
A method of governing the rate at which new projects are launched into the project pipeline
The use of buffer management principles to ensure that people are always working where they will deliver the maximum value to the entire portfolio of projects – not just the individual project or task owner's work quota.
  These key elements allow an immediate improvement in the productivity of the organisational project pipeline and can release additional capacity without increasing overheads.  





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