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TOCCA takes a very broad view of Operations Management. We believe it is not limited to producing things that can be dropped onto a toe; an organisation can manufacture an object, a sale, a loan, an advert, a financial service … the list goes on.

What is the difference between Operations Management & Project Management?
TOCCA’s view is that all supply systems have the following in common:
There are inputs (such as raw materials)
These inputs are worked on in a sequential process, adding value as the product or service passes through various stages of manufacturing and distribution in the supply chain
Ultimately the final product or service reaches the end consumer

Most traditional business operations improvement methods tend to look for the removal of waste and cost reduction. Frequently the short-term gains achieved using a cost-cutting approach have larger negative repercussions in the long term. In addition, cost cutting in one functional area or silo of the organisation can have a detrimental effect on another silo.

TOCCA’s proven system-wide approach takes the view that maximum leverage is achieved through the application of the Five Focusing Steps and an operations solution combining Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) and Replenishment.








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