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It is TOCCA’s mission to provide our clients with enduring and beneficial change. Our suite of services, whether used together or separately, provide a robust and comprehensive approach to dealing with the many challenges of productivity improvement. We design and project-manage change initiatives, from strategy through to tactical implementation.


TOCCA uses productivity-based management accounting (known as Constraint Accounting), which gives managers a different perspective and allows them to optimise their project and product selection. In addition, these measures are used to drive the behavioural change necessary in any engagement

A method known as the Thinking Process is used to develop strategy and then convert the strategy into a detailed, tactical plan of action

The TOC approach to marketing involves combining selective market research with the TOC Thinking Process to formulate an Irrefusable Offer which will provide 3-5 years competitive advantage.

Project Management
TOCCA combines traditional project management skills with the innovative Critical Chain approach to schedule and resource management, to achieve extraordinary results

TOCCA looks at the whole system from beginning to end, including the entire supply chain if necessary, and identifies the key leverage point(s) for operational improvement. Holistic analysis, with solutions focused on the identified leverage points, results in superior outcomes for the organisation

TOCCA uses the TOC Replenishment Solution to ensure that the right goods are in the right place at the right time in the right quantity. This is achieved by decreasing inventories while maintaining or even improving service levels.

TOCCA goes beyond the standard approach to sales management - addressing  Sales System Management as well as Sales Process Management. The system approach to sales management ensures the continuous flow of sales opportunities within an organisation; the TOC sales process is then used to convert those opportunities into sales.

Change Management
In any organisation, the company structure must support the processes. TOCCA’s experienced HR consultants offer advice on the people management issues required to underpin a change initiative. We ensure that the recommended change happens through:

> Ensuring the correct structure is in place, with appropriate Key Performance Areas (KPAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
> A process of training and mentoring, to embed the appropriate competencies
> Ensuring the measures drive the required behaviour.
> Introducing values based leadership programs

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