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  The Thinking Process  


TOCCA uses a method known as the Thinking Process to develop the strategy and supporting tactics necessary to accomplish organisational goals.

The Thinking Process tools are particularly effective in answering the eternal questions of any improvement effort:

    What to change?
    What to change to?
    How to change?

As the world changes, organisations also need to change in order to achieve their goals. However, there are always several layers of resistance to any change initiative.

Goldratt defines the 6 layers of resistance as:

  disagreement on the nature of problem
  disagreement on  the direction of the solution
  disagreement that the solution will result in the desired effects for the organisation
  disagreement on the potential side-effects of the solution
  disagreement that the solution is viable in the environment
  Unverbalized fear

The Thinking Process tools are able to address all these issues by working with infallible cause-effect logic.

TOCCA’s experienced facilitators use the Thinking Process tools in a workshop environment. All participants are involved as issues and problems are teased out, the root causes of these problems are identified, and breakthrough ideas as to how to deal with these issues are generated. The way forward is then developed together.

Through this thinking process, resistance to change is whittled away.

Go to Change Management to see more on how TOCCA deals with resistance to change and ensures organisational strategy is achieved.


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