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TOCCA sees the provision of training to client organisations as one of its core competencies. Through the years we have developed many ways of training our clients to understand the new ideas and fresh thinking we bring to them.

We believe firmly in experiential learning – participants control the improvements that the TOC-based approach yields in a simulated environment. Computer simulations, Lego-based games, dice exercises and the like are used to test and prove the TOC method in a participative, interactive and enjoyable way. This allows participants to experience continuous and dramatic improvement, in a workshop environment, and provides a frame of reference that they can take back to the workplace.

TOCCA makes extensive use of the “Socratic” method, that is, we encourage people to discover the answers for themselves through questions and answers. We believe that, in this way, the learning effect is much deeper and more sustained.


Knowledge-based training is not enough to ensure that improvements are sustained once the TOCCA team has left. It is our view that the client organisation and its key staff should also be able to demonstrate competency in critical aspects of the TOCCA management method. As an integral part of all projects, TOCCA ensures the necessary competencies are in place by providing training and mentoring programs.


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