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What is TOC?


TOC stands for “Theory of Constraints”, a theory that grew into a system-based management approach that provides the means to optimise organisational performance.

The power of TOC comes from:

Appreciation of systems: knowledge that the whole system can be significantly more valuable than the sum of its parts

Understanding the nature of uncertainty and managing it effectively
Understanding systemic cause and effect relationships to focus management attention

Recognising real leverage points in value creation, whether they are physical or behavioural



TOCCA uses the Thinking Process (TP) to develop strategy.

In order to make this strategy into reality, TOCCA uses the following techniques:

An operations approach called Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR),
A distribution and supply chain method called Replenishment
A project planning and execution management approach, called Critical Chain (CC)
TOC has a unique way of measuring an organisation’s progress. This is known as Constraint Accounting (CA), and it underpins the Thinking Process, Drum-Buffer-Rope, Replenishment and Critical Chain operational solutions.
The underlying process used in all aspects of TOC is the Five Focusing Steps.
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