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Leadership Team

David Hodes
Managing Director
BSc Mech. Eng ACGI

David Hodes, the founder of the TOC Centre of Australia (TOCCA), is a qualified System Thinker and Practitioner. He was awarded a National Engineering Scholarship in the UK and attended Imperial College in London, where he graduated with a BSc Mechanical Engineering.

David first came across Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) when working as the Managing Director of Africa’s largest commercial refrigeration company.  He knew there had to be a way to meet market demands and deadlines, without continually subjecting his workforce to the intensive work pressure (and accompanying burnout) that had become the norm in their industry.  It was a productivity issue, so he approached the National Productivity Institute (NPI) and they suggested the TOC approach. 

David liked the sound of TOC – it made instinctive sense to him – but the CEO opposed it.  How could a bunch of outsiders (the NPI) tell them how to run a business that they had been running ‘successfully’ for 30 years?  But David was sold on TOC.  He decided to put his money where his mouth was and persuaded the CEO to agree to pilot test the TOC approach, on condition that, if the project failed, not only would David lose his job, he would also personally foot the NPI’s (hefty) bill!

The pilot selected was the complete refurbishment of all of the industrial cold rooms, refrigerators and freezers in an extremely large supermarket.  Hodes and the NPI used Critical Chain, the TOC approach to Project Management, to run the project.  The results were spectacular – the project, expected to take 70 days, was brought in 26 days early!  Hodes was so impressed that he promptly resigned his job, immersed himself in the study of TOC and its methods, and began working as an independent productivity consultant, using the TOC approach.  This culminated in his founding the TOC Centre of Australia (TOCCA) in January 2000. 

With David at the helm, TOCCA has developed a diverse Australian clients list, including the likes of BHP Billiton, Cadbury Schweppes, Smorgon, CSC, Rail Infrastructure Corporation, Sunbeam, Sensis, Orrcon and many more.

David's working history also includes:

·               Consulting work to the IT divisions of Wesbank and First National Bank, two of South Africa’s largest commercial banks, as well as the National Productivity Institute and a number of smaller companies

·               Pioneer adopter of Critical Chain methodology in South Africa 

·               Managing Director of Matador Refrigeration, a large Commercial Refrigeration Company

·               Managing Director of Gerber Goldschmidt Distribution, a large distribution business in Johannesburg, South Africa 


David is a highly accomplished presenter and facilitator, and receives consistently high ratings from attendees at his presentations and workshops.


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     Peter Crossley
Senior Consultant
PMP, BA (Hons), HNC Business and Finance 

Peter Crossley has more than 10 years experience in global IT and systems integration, beginning in Asia Pacific during a 6-year period based in Hong Kong. 

Peter's integration experience includes rollout of call centres throughout Asia for a major fast food franchise, delivery of mixed platform job costing systems to construction JVs, and business systems infrastructure development, throughout a very broad range of industry sectors including retail, hospitality and banking.

During a five year assignment in North America, Peter managed key system development and integration projects for a leading North American company working on multi-million dollar international defence sector projects.  

Since 2006, Peter has been responsible for the deployment of the Critical Chain multi-project management solution, "Concerto", at BHP Billiton, HPM Industries, Sunbeam and Skye Group

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Gordon Dunbar

Consultant (Mining, Strategy and IT)

Dip Bus. B.Bus, Grad.Dip Bus & Admin

Gordon Dunbar has an extensive and diverse work experience spanning the disciplines of finance, marketing, information technology, strategy, asset management and more recently, the development of an online asset sharing system (www.cynf.com)

 The various roles have involved both Australia wide and international experience predominantly in mining but including the entertainment sector.

His forte is in developing compelling business cases which demonstrate the quantifiable value of optimising throughput at the constraint (amongst other things) and rethinking  information systems (ERP’s) architecture in order to institutionalise the five focussing steps.

Gordon was an atheist before becoming aware of  TOC in 1992.

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     Klaus D. Fahrner
Senior Consultant

Klaus Fahrner has an Engineering Degree (Electronics and Telecommunications) from the University of Nuremburg, West Germany.

His professional affiliations include:
- C.P.Eng. M.I.E. Aust. since 1983
- APICS (Australian Production and Inventory Control Society) since 1993

Klaus has extensive international management experience in a broad range of industries, including systems design, manufacturing, transport logistics (road and rail), mining and engineering. He has held various senior positions in Germany, USA and Australia including:


Director of Quality Assurance for Siemens AG MWB in West Germany,
Consulting work in industrial automation with Volkswagenwerk AG/Audi, as well as Triumph-Adler Computers in West Germany
General Manager and Chief Engineer at Universal Waldeck Ltd – Electronics Division (Perth, WA)
Director of Manufacturing Planning at QPSX Communications Ltd (Perth WA).
Since his move into the consulting world, Klaus has worked for clients in the following industries:
Electronics product development and manufacturing (Gemco Rail Technology) 
Electrical and air conditioning manufacturing (APAC)
Furniture manufacturing (Clarecraft Industries Pty Ltd)
Ceramics manufacturing
Transport Logistics, specifically rail and road (Brambles, Westrail, WA Grain Industry)
Mining in the iron ore, alumina, nickel industries (Robe River Iron Ore Mining Associates, Western Mining Corporation, Alcoa)
Steel mill throughput improvement and inventory reduction (Orrcon Steel)

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  Bill Dettmer

Author of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (ASQ Quality Press, 1997) and Breaking the Constraints to World-Class Performance (ASQ Quality Press, 1998), Strategic Navigation (ASQ Quality Press, 2003), and Brainpower Networking Using the Crawford Slip Method (Trafford, 2003). Co-author (with Eli Schragenheim) of Manufacturing at Warp Speed (CRC St. Lucie Press, 2000).

Twenty-three years' experience in military operations, logistics, strategic planning, operational planning, training, large-scale systems deployment, project management, and contracting.

Eight years graduate level teaching of systems management, systems analysis, human factors, management control systems, organizational behavior and development, Theory of Constraints, Total Quality Management, and management of research, development, testing, and evaluation.

B.A., Rutgers University; M.S., University of Southern California, 1982. Adjunct faculty, University of Southern California, 1988-1996.

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Alex Feher

Alex Feher

B.Sc - Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc - Industrial Engineering. Member of the International Coach Federation
Director - Institute of Human Excellence

Alex brings executive coaching expertise, supported by a solid practical grounding in running businesses, managing teams and working in Australia for NYSE listed global companies.

Alex started his career as an Industrial Engineering Consultant for large manufacturing organisations and was given responsibility for re-organising work teams, factory layouts and implementing manufacturing planning and control systems. This gave him first hand experience of implementing systems change across different interest groups within organisations, including :management, shop floor workers and unions.

He co-founded Synergy Conventions, a manufacturing conference, training and education company that produced Australia's leading events on advanced manufacturing technology. Synergy launched initiatives across many industries including IT. Its IT division was acquired in 1996 by the Japanese owned US company Softbank Expos which was later merged with the global IT media giant Ziff-Davis.

Alex then became Managing Director of Ziff-Davis in Australia followed by MD for Asia-Pacific of Key3Media, a Ziff-Davis spin-off. Under Alex, ZD launched many of its global brands into Australia including ZDNet, COMDEX and NetWorld+Interop.

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